Haircare for Sensitive Skin

Paying attention to your haircare routine could help your skin. If you have hair that’s long enough to reach your shoulders or back then the chemicals you’re using have contact with your skin. Not to mention those who suffer from sensitive skin or eczema on their face and scalp.

It can be incredibly frustrating maintaining smooth hair if the products you’re using cause flare-ups.

Therefore, I have listed some basic haircare tips that leave skin happier and won’t cost the Earth:

Stop Washing It So Much

Leave it alone. It doesn’t like it. It is probably in your hair’s best interest that you wash it as little as possible, for example every 2-3 days but definitely not every day.

Over washing can become a vicious cycle because your scalp will overcompensate by producing excess natural oils. This led to an oily scalp but dryer ends. Let the natural oils run their course. You could invest in a good dry shampoo to help with this process or use talcum powder as I have done.

Switch Up Your Shampoo

You’ve probably heard about SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and how it isn’t a good thing. It is listed on the back of most shampoo bottles and it’s actually quite hard to find products that don’t have it.

Be warned, some products don’t have it listed as SLS but under other aliases such as sodium coco sulphate. The chemical formula may be slightly different but it’s essentially the same thing.

The bottom line is, don’t use anything that is hurting you. I find the lather from regular shampoos can sting and cause flare-ups.

I have used L’Oreal’s Elvive Extraordinary Oil Low Shampoo in the past. It takes some getting used to because this shampoo doesn’t lather. Leave these no-lather products in for three minutes or as instructed. It’s also better for winter because it won’t dry your hair out like regular shampoo can.

I found my hair felt thicker afterwards. I forgot to repurchase this because I was busy moving and changing. That being said, I have ordered a similar product and will let you know the results.

Avoid The Heat

I haven’t used hair straighteners in a very long time. The heat that comes off of these tools can cause flare-ups. The same goes for hair dryers, I tend to use the lowest heat setting or let my hair air dry.

It might be worth looking at the products you’re applying to your hair post-wash. I have stopped using these for now and am occasionally using a small amount of coconut oil by running it through the ends of my hair. It keeps my hair soft and smells great but use a tiny amount. Too much leaves your hair looking saturated.


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