How I Cope With Eczema at Night

Like a lot of people who have eczema, I find that it gets worse at night. Right before bed. Just before I wanted to relax and go to sleep. I have read that this is due to a lowered temperature and circadian rhythms. I have found a few ways to prevent (or at least reduce) scratching to allow skin to heal.

Apply Cream or Ointment Before Bed

It’s an obvious one but this is about forming habits. Keep all of your skin moisturised by applying it at set times of day such as when you wake up and before you go to bed. It is also very cooling on dry and itchy skin.

Wear Soft Clothing Which Covers Eczema

Materials such as cotton and silk are recommended for eczema. I find polyester is fine and feels soft too despite it not being recommended for eczema. This is because it can be too warm so don’t overheat. I wear longer sleeves and trousers to prevent myself from scratching, it’s like a barrier!

Take an Antihistamine

Over the counter and used to treat allergies and can reduce itchiness and hives.

Put a Dehumidifier in Your Bedroom

Humidity should be kept below 50% and will reduce dust mites. I have put one in my bedroom and it also stops condensation as an added bonus.

Wash Bedding in a Suitable Washing Powder

Don’t choose an irritant for a washing powder, like I mentioned in my previous post about Laundry Detergent.

I have also found and ordered an Ecoegg washing ball (fragrance free) which should save money on washing powder too.

Wear Cotton Gloves

Put cream or ointment on first and then put these gloves on. It will stop you from involuntarily scratching. It will also help lock in moisture. Make sure they’re made of cotton and fit you comfortably. They might fall off whilst you’re sleeping but that can’t be helped.

Distract Yourself

As best as you can. Watch a film or show you’re genuinely into and make a hot chocolate. Let yourself relax because if anyone deserves to it’s you. Eczema and itchiness can lead to no or little sleep. You are probably worried about your eczema and not getting enough sleep so it can be a vicious cycle.

Even good company and conversation can take your mind off of it, so spend time with your family and friends.


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