Travelling through Scandinavia

We have planned ourselves a trip through beautiful Scandinavia. We have travelled around Norway so far and will be arriving in Sweden then Denmark next week.

Our first part of the trip landed us in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, the city is large with stunning architecture. We visited the Barcode Project, a new development in the Bjorvika neighbourhood which exhibits this.

Oslo Opera House

We were fortunate enough to reach this district when the sun began to set, creating a romantic and memorable view.

‘She Lies’

We stayed at Citybox on Prinsens Gate (#6) which suited us just fine. The hotel is mostly self-service and has a hostel-feel to it but with the privacy of your own room and en-suite. It is perfect for a short stay and is within walking distance to most places within the city.

We spent two days in Oslo. The first night was my birthday and we had dinner at Bacchus Spiseri and Vinhus. The food was amazing. I didn’t take a picture but I had the duck leg confit.

We wanted to have a couple of drinks before bed but found that most of the bars and restaurants within range were closing. We did find a bar open in the train station but discovered how expensive alcohol was here, 160 NOK (£14.82) for a pint of cider. Food is also quite expensive in Norway due to the higher living wage. Be prepared for this if you’re visiting.

The second day we explored Oslo and walked to Grunerlokka which is considered to be the Camden of Oslo. We did find some independent second-hand boutiques. We even found a shop that let us make our own badges, Kool Kidz on Markveien (#56).

Kool Kidz

We also found the Oslo Opera House and walked up to the roof to see some spectacular views.

Oslo Opera House

We travelled to Flåm the next day by taking the train to Myrdal and then the Flåm Railway. This is a popular tourist attraction and is considered to be one of the best train journeys in the world.

We arrived at the Fretheim hotel and had dinner at their restaurant. It’s the first time I tried deer, not quite reindeer as is recommenced on a trip to Norway but close enough. We spent one night here and then took the Fjord Cruise through the Nærøyfjord. This is one of the highlights of this trip.

Dinner at Fretheim
Fjord Cruise

We thought we had booked a flat through AirBnB on this side of the fjord but it turned out to be the other side. Double check locations before you go anywhere! It didn’t take us long to get back (half an hour including a shuttle bus and taxi).

Nevertheless, we arrived and explored Aurland the next day. It’s a small picturesque town on the side of the Sognefjorden. Our flat faces the fjord so we could wake up to beautiful views.


We explored the little town and had coffee at a local cafe and bakery. It was a laid-back day but we had a busier one the day after. We travel back to Oslo for the next part of our journey.

I will post the second half of our journey next Friday when we have passed through Oslo, Malmo and Billund.


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