Author: Chloe

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Upcycled Canvas

We bought these paintings by a local artist from Barry’s stall (#37) at Peterborough City Market.

The artist, Khan takes boring old stock photo canvases and transforms them into beautiful landscapes.

I love these nature scenes and how they capture the season perfectly. It reminds me of sitting by a river on a warm summer afternoon. They look great in our living room too.

You can support independent artists by visiting stall #37 or by visiting the website. You’re sure to find something unique from our local artists and musicians.


Handmade Naturals Shampoo

I bought a new shampoo a few months ago with the intention of writing a review. I had to reorder because the first one was stolen. I hope they opened my parcel, we’re initially disappointed and then loved it once they tried it. It’s a good shampoo.

It is the Handmade Naturals Herbal Shampoo for Sensitive Skin which I bought from Amazon for £8.45.

This product is scent-free and contains all natural ingredients, as described. Although scent-free it does have a vinegar scent due to the ingredients used but there is no perfume added to it. My hair doesn’t smell like vinegar afterwards.

This product does not contain sulphates which some people do not like. It can be an irritant for eczema. As I have mentioned in a previous post it can be hard to find a shampoo which is free of sulphates and I have found one in the past which does not clean as well as this.

My hair feels very fresh afterwards and the product lathers too. I have read some reviews that people find this dries out their hair. I haven’t found this and I use a normal conditioner afterwards. If you do have have dry hair use this instead. However, it is scented. They have a range of conditioners too that I haven’t tried.

Overall, it is a great product for people with sensitive skin or who want a natural alternative which cleans their hair thoroughly.

Photo Albums

Do people still make up photo albums? I imagine it being in the same domain as the address book. They have been immortalised online and shared with the world at a click of a mouse.

I haven’t made a photo album since 2013 when I went to France with my friends. It’s more of a scrapbook, filled with photographs, tickets and other pretty things.

I asked for a photo album for my birthday because I knew I would have photos from our trip plus some from last year. I have posted some on here and Instagram. However, I think having a physical book to keep and look through would be more special.

Travelling through Scandinavia 2

We’re back home now after spending the past week and a half on holiday. I have written up our first week here.

We travelled to Sweden next and stayed at MJ’s Hotel in Malmo.

The hotel was super quirky and covered in flamingos. It reminded me of Hollister because of the dark lighting, perfumed air and fun atmosphere. We spent one night here. We were tired after a long day travelling from Oslo where we had stayed at Citybox again.

We had dinner at the hotel’s restaurant which was delicious (Sweden wasn’t as expensive as Norway). Take into consideration that a main is small and the waiter recommended ordering two. I had Brussel Sprouts and Barry had Fennel and Saffron.

We went for a little wander around Malmo and grabbed some cocktails. It was pretty cold and late, plus we had to leave early in the morning so we didn’t explore too far. We did find this random giant lamp in the square:

Lilla Torg Square

It was part of Malmo’s Christmas lighting. Christmas decorations seemed to be up throughout January in most places.

The next day was long and we ended up sitting in the wrong carriage of our train and went backwards. However, whilst waiting for the next train we found a nice cafe and shop, the Stationen. We passed through Copenhagen and ended our trip in Billund, Denmark where we stayed at the Legoland Hotel and visited the LEGO House.

LEGO House

Skulpturpark, Billund

It’s our last day in Denmark before flying back to Stansted tonight. We decided to head back to the LEGO House in Billund but unfortunately it was closed today. However, we stumbled across a little nature walk where we found some interesting sculptures.

Without realising, we had been walking through Skulpturpark, an outdoor sculpture museum. We would have missed this but I spotted the park on our walk into town.

I took some photos to share with you. There are meant to be 19 sculptures altogether, here are some of them:

‘Hello Golem: Oto’, Sawako Ando
‘Hello Golum: Togen’, Sawako Ando
‘Standing figure’, Keid Moseholm Jorgensen
‘3-Dimensional Circle’, Jeppe Hein
‘Park Bench IV 2007’, Ingvar Cronhammer

Piotis Naturals

I have a new product I received for Christmas. It’s from Piotis Naturals. It’s a body butter for eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. They have other other products for sensitive skin. I’m going to try their lipstick next, which can be made to order.

This product smells really nice. If you have sensitive skin you may shy away from products with scents but this contains natural ingredients. It has a mixed lavender scent.

It’s very soothing, moisturising and helps with my skin. It’s £12.99 and is recommended for use three times a day. I have been using this for a month (perhaps a little too generously) and still have half of it left.

I recommend this product not just for people with sensitive skin but everyone because it is such a good quality body butter. Please have a look at their website and Etsy Store. They have a wide range of vegan and natural products.

Piotis Naturals

Travelling through Scandinavia

We have planned ourselves a trip through beautiful Scandinavia. We have travelled around Norway so far and will be arriving in Sweden then Denmark next week.

Our first part of the trip landed us in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, the city is large with stunning architecture. We visited the Barcode Project, a new development in the Bjorvika neighbourhood which exhibits this.

Oslo Opera House

We were fortunate enough to reach this district when the sun began to set, creating a romantic and memorable view.

‘She Lies’

We stayed at Citybox on Prinsens Gate (#6) which suited us just fine. The hotel is mostly self-service and has a hostel-feel to it but with the privacy of your own room and en-suite. It is perfect for a short stay and is within walking distance to most places within the city.

We spent two days in Oslo. The first night was my birthday and we had dinner at Bacchus Spiseri and Vinhus. The food was amazing. I didn’t take a picture but I had the duck leg confit.

We wanted to have a couple of drinks before bed but found that most of the bars and restaurants within range were closing. We did find a bar open in the train station but discovered how expensive alcohol was here, 160 NOK (£14.82) for a pint of cider. Food is also quite expensive in Norway due to the higher living wage. Be prepared for this if you’re visiting.

The second day we explored Oslo and walked to Grunerlokka which is considered to be the Camden of Oslo. We did find some independent second-hand boutiques. We even found a shop that let us make our own badges, Kool Kidz on Markveien (#56).

Kool Kidz

We also found the Oslo Opera House and walked up to the roof to see some spectacular views.

Oslo Opera House

We travelled to Flåm the next day by taking the train to Myrdal and then the Flåm Railway. This is a popular tourist attraction and is considered to be one of the best train journeys in the world.

We arrived at the Fretheim hotel and had dinner at their restaurant. It’s the first time I tried deer, not quite reindeer as is recommenced on a trip to Norway but close enough. We spent one night here and then took the Fjord Cruise through the Nærøyfjord. This is one of the highlights of this trip.

Dinner at Fretheim
Fjord Cruise

We thought we had booked a flat through AirBnB on this side of the fjord but it turned out to be the other side. Double check locations before you go anywhere! It didn’t take us long to get back (half an hour including a shuttle bus and taxi).

Nevertheless, we arrived and explored Aurland the next day. It’s a small picturesque town on the side of the Sognefjorden. Our flat faces the fjord so we could wake up to beautiful views.


We explored the little town and had coffee at a local cafe and bakery. It was a laid-back day but we had a busier one the day after. We travel back to Oslo for the next part of our journey.

I will post the second half of our journey next Friday when we have passed through Oslo, Malmo and Billund.