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Learning to Draw

I used to love drawing when I was younger. My sister and my mum are both good artists.

Somewhere down the line I stopped drawing. I stopped doing a lot of creative things.

However, today I was a little bored and had a doodle on a napkin in the staff room. It was fun and I remembered how relaxing sketching could be.

When I got home I found my pencils and had another go. I need practice but I was pleased with the results. I love shading more than anything. I’ve tried to think about where the light hits these objects.

I don’t love the stem of my rose. Even if it is blue for no apparent reason.


Upcycled Canvas

We bought these paintings by a local artist from Barry’s stall (#37) at Peterborough City Market.

The artist, Khan takes boring old stock photo canvases and transforms them into beautiful landscapes.

I love these nature scenes and how they capture the season perfectly. It reminds me of sitting by a river on a warm summer afternoon. They look great in our living room too.

You can support independent artists by visiting stall #37 or by visiting the website. You’re sure to find something unique from our local artists and musicians.


Skulpturpark, Billund

It’s our last day in Denmark before flying back to Stansted tonight. We decided to head back to the LEGO House in Billund but unfortunately it was closed today. However, we stumbled across a little nature walk where we found some interesting sculptures.

Without realising, we had been walking through Skulpturpark, an outdoor sculpture museum. We would have missed this but I spotted the park on our walk into town.

I took some photos to share with you. There are meant to be 19 sculptures altogether, here are some of them:

‘Hello Golem: Oto’, Sawako Ando
‘Hello Golum: Togen’, Sawako Ando
‘Standing figure’, Keid Moseholm Jorgensen
‘3-Dimensional Circle’, Jeppe Hein
‘Park Bench IV 2007’, Ingvar Cronhammer